Job Description

- Develop and implement effective sales strategies.
- Establish productive and professional relationships with key personnel in assigned customer accounts.
- Negotiate and close agreements with customers.
- Monitor and analyze performance metrics and suggest improvements.
- Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual sales forecasts.
- Perform research and identify new potential customers and new market opportunities.
- Provide timely and effective solutions aligned with clients’ needs.
- Liaise with Marketing and Product Development departments to ensure brand consistency.
- Stay up-to-date with new product launches and ensure sales team members are on board.


- Graduated from Mechanical/Mechatronics/Electrical Engineering Departments.
- A solid background for the industrial processes.
- 3-7 years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Development field.
- Knowledge and Understanding of the Oil & Gas - Power Market - Petro-Chemical Market.
- Sales, Business Administration or relevant field degrees are preferred.
- Fluent English: Read & Write.
- Availability to travel as needed.

How to Apply:

press the Apply button at the upper right, then fill the required information and upload your CV in PDF format.