About Us

About Us

Optimize Growth & Business Performance


Since Team Engineering & Consultations established in 2004, we pride ourselves on having experience and commitment to our partners.

We offer to deliver detailed market research for technical product or service sales in the Egyptian fields of Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Power, Food, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture and Construction.

We represent high quality European top-level manufacturers in the industry, as we exemplifies the highest standards of representation by drawing on relationships from all levels of trade.
We ensures that our principals receive all the information they need to make informed decisions based on our market research, which is specifically tailored to the needs of our partners.

Team Engineering & Consultations’ staff takes pride in working with our partners to make their goals achievable. Our core foundation of developing long-lasting relationships with past, present, and future partners remains crucial to our business.



Wahid Mahdy

Founder & CEO


Ahmed Kamel

Sales Director


Yasser Mohamed

Chief Financial Officer


Mahmoud El-Saadany

Account Manager
Flow-Control Division


Allaa Elshahawy

Account Manager
Firefighting Division


Mohamed Ayman

Manager - Sales & Market
Leser GmbH


Tarek Rashad

Sales Engineer
Flow-Control Division


Ali Mostafa

Commercial Department


Ahmed Samir

Commercial Department


We Integrate Customized Solutions

Our mission at Team Engineering & Consultation is to be efficient and effective in the value that we bring to every relationship that we encounter with our manufacturer, distributor, and end-user partners. We execute this mission by operating under the following laws.

The Laws of Business Combat:

Cover and Move: work as a team to accomplish the collective goal. We execute this tactic internally at Team Engineering & Consultation and externally to our partners.

Simplicity: Strives to keep goals and expectations clear and concise. This allows us to work efficiently and effectively as well as allow our partners to easily comprehend our expectations.

Prioritize and Execute: to put a heavy emphasis on the importance of prioritizing tasks based on levels of importance. Being successful comes with an overwhelming load of tasks which if all taken on at once can lead to failure.

Decentralized Command: Team Engineering & Consultation distributes its leadership through its internal and external sales team. There is clear communication of what needs to be accomplished between team members and partners.

Code of Honor: We are committed to be hard working, innovative, and honest.

Team Engineering & Consultations

Total Market Penetration Plan

  • 1. Market Review Reporting

    Based on our client's product or service, we do a pre-screening of the chosen market, evaluate the competition and come up with an efficient sales strategy.

  • 2. Products or Services Adjustment Process

    Based on the information gathered, we do a reshaping of the initial marketing and sales material provided by our client and clearly outline the advantages and benefits for the prospects we are targeting.

  • 3. Prospect Database

    We preselect our target companies and their key decision makers so that the marketing and sales process that follows is targeted to them very precisely.

  • 4. Phone Prospecting

    Our experienced callers conduct intensive pre-sales of your offer in the target market to prepare for the next step in our marketing and sales process.

  • 5. Prospect Pre-Selection

    Our staff preselects only motivated cooperation partners as potential buyers of our clients' products, ensuring that only such partners meet our clients at our organized "Meet the Buyer" appointment.

  • 6. "Meet The Buyer" Appointment

    These meetings are prepared by our experienced sales team and are a very important step in completing the designed marketing and sales closing process. The goal of "Meet The Buyer" appointment is to identify the most promising buyer of our client's products, services or solutions.

  • 7. Supplier Support Process

    The next step in our process is follow-up work for our clients. This means a scheduled follow-up on every lead we have found for our clients and every initial contact identified from the start of the project. Buying decisions take different amounts of time for different buyers and our task is to find and work on every contact for the maximum benefit of our clients.

  • 8. Closing of the Sale

    this is the final step in the our Total Market Penetration Plan, and the most challenging one. We offer to close sales for you so that you can invest your time in other markets or projects.